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Art gallery of forest sculptures.
Sculptural birds of fur tree roots.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
I bring to your attention the exposition of forest sculptures or sculptural shapes of natural compositions which are formed by the nature, which have arisen in natural roots during wildlife growth of forest trees.
Namely the shown sculptures in this online art gallery are roots of old fur trees or forest snags which are cleared of wood rubbish and somewhat coordinated with distinct animal images and formal shapes of fairy birds.
I hope that this art gallery and forest sculptures or otherwise to tell wood imaginations will be interesting to your attention.

Yours faithfully, Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.

e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru or panfsergey@gmail.com

Photos of forest sculptures are shown in nine galleries under blue buttons. Each sculpture is shown by several photos which allow to see sculptural shapes from different view sides.
Photos are not systematic circular photographing as each sculpture has some most photogenic foreshortenings. Namely I have chosen for photography only some view foreshortenings which allow to see the most interesting contour forms and outlines, and to distinguish sculptural images of birds. In aggregate chosen foreshortenings of photos allow to see distinct volumetric images of sculptural birds.
Unfortunately the valid volumetric sculptural shapes and wooden forms cannot be shown by means of photography, but nevertheless in galleries by means of different view of photo pictures it is possible to guess about valid three-dimensional projections of the shown animal images of fairy birds.
Sculptures have poetic names or otherwise to tell poetic denominations which have no basic meanings, as sculptural birds are not real, and each man or woman can see artistic or fantastic fairy images which associate with other bird names in the shown online gallery.
Poetic names of fairy birds are given in Russian transcription and are sometimes approximately translated into the English language.
Art material of the shown sculptures in galleries are old roots of trees, and in particular wooden shapes which were formed in roots of fur-trees during wildlife growth of forest plants. The bases of sculptures are various wood stumps and also natural outgrowths of forest trees of various types.
The detailed information on the art nature and concepts of forest sculptures it is possible to learn on corresponding pages of this web-site. And also pages of web-site have information on technologies of wood processing and methods of creation of sculptural shapes and artistic forms from natural materials, and in particular about principles and techniques for processing of old fur-tree roots which are applied to manufacturing the shown wood sculptures.
On the header page it is possible to switch on Russian or French or German languages.


Forest sculptures is a fine arts direction which investigates flora and searches for natural sculptural shapes arising as result of a wildlife inherent in trees or other plants of the nature.
Trees or flowers or other realities of vegetative kingdom form flora of our planet. And flora is the alive matter and consequently forest sculptures as a direction of fine arts operates with alive materials unlike other types of sculptures which operate with materials of a lifeless matter, such as marble or bronze or industrial softwood or precious hardwood in which it is impossible to see natural wood shapes and wooden structures of forest trees. Namely in the event that sculptural forms are "artificial art" which results from subjective human creativity and which modifies original shapes of natural materials.
Artificial sculptures can be similar to natural shapes and wildlife forms of physical nature, namely can repeat proportions of human bodies or animalistic outlines of birds and animals, but in any case artificial sculptural images display result of human creativity. And natural forest sculptures are direct displays of the nature.
Sometimes in rocks it is possible to see outlines of human bodies and faces, or in stones it is possible to guess contours of birds and animals, but nevertheless forest sculptures as a direction of fine arts differ from such incidental shapes, as the shown sculptural images of birds in fur tree roots arise in the alive vegetative materials of plants.

The shown artworks of forest sculptures in this online art gallery are for sale.

Also I bring to your attention two huge bird cherry tree outgrowths.

Text translation of this web-site into English language is made by me.
I am not sure in accuracy of translation.
Inform how to correct if any words and phrases are wrong.
Also inform your opinion and offers.

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Forest sculptures of this online gallery you can buy for the various purposes.
As objects of decorative arts you can buy the shown wood shapes for interior decorations and show-windows in trading halls of flower shops, and also at offices of floral artists and flower designers. In furniture stores and show rooms of furnishing companies. And also for interiors of medical centers and clinics of herbal alternative medicine, or drugstores and beauty shops where medicines and cosmetics of medicinal grasses and herbs are for sale.
As objects of fine arts you can buy the shown wood sculptures in collections of pictures with forest landscapes, and also in art collections and galleries where pictures of dried grasses and flower petals are collected. In interiors of country hotels and forest resorts. At exhibitions of photos with images of forest landscapes and pictures of the nature.
As animalistic images you can buy the shown sculptural birds for design of interiors in pet-shops where speaking parrots or songbirds are for sale.
As natural materials and also as original roots and unique shapes which have arisen in wood of forest fur trees during wildlife growth of plants, it is possible to consider the shown sculptures of birds among exhibits in museums and lay-out exhibitions of scientific wood research institutes. In office interiors of tree-processing industrial companies, and also in greenhouses of botanical gardens and tree nurseries. In show windows jewelry shops where costume fashion jewellery of natural wood of exotic trees and ornamental shrubs (decorative bushes) are for sale.
As original outlines of natural shapes and formal mental images of birds you can buy the shown forest sculptures in rest rooms of industrial enterprises or financial companies for psychological relaxation. In administrative offices of ministries of wildlife management, or ecological green political parties and social organizations which preserve ecology of forests and watch cleanliness of environment.
And also sculptural images of birds and wooden forms of old fur-tree roots in this online gallery can be expedient in many other commercial and art spheres of a human life, about that look the information on page which has the name destination of forest sculptures, or directly in comments to photos in view areas of gallery.

web design and scenery decor deciduous trees and decorative bushes textures of vegetative living tissues images of tree leaves as original graphic herbarium exposition of visual pictures and photo impressions artificial beauty of autumn foliage show-windows in trading halls of flower shops

For web design and scenery decor on pages of this online gallery of forest sculptures I used the scanned leaves of deciduous trees and decorative bushes. Leaves as a result of scanning have unusual transparency colors that allows to see textures of vegetative living tissues which cannot be seen by means of usual eyesight vision, and consequently it is possible to consider the shown images of tree leaves as an original digital graphic herbarium, or as art exposition of visual pictures and photo impressions about artificial beauty of autumn foliage.


This online gallery of forest sculptures is within the Internet-portal www.64g.ru and is open or free-of-charge, but all the open visual information should be paid if you have such opportunity. Possible payment systems and methods of electronic internet payments look directly on the portal www.64g.ru.
Or compensate payment by one direct hyperlink to my website if you have web pages with art pictures or online galleries where one hyperlink can take place.
Or it is possible to exchange banners on the page of reference links within this website if the shown natural images of fairy birds in the present online gallery of wood sculptures seem attractive.