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images of ecology and natural beauty of the nature

Destination of forest sculptures.
Images of ecology and natural beauty of the nature.

Forest sculptures of the present online gallery have differing destination, namely you can buy these sculptural images in clinics of alternative or folk medicine and medical centers or consulting rooms of traditional healers, and also in drugstores and fitness shops where folk remedies and medicines with medicinal herbs, and natural herbal tea and improving drinks are for sale. As original wildlife images and natural wood of the shown sculptures can symbolize healing power of plants.

In pavilions and greenhouses of botanical gardens or tree nurseries. In office rooms of landscape design and gardening art companies.

In offices of trading companies and shops where it is possible to buy ornamental shrubs and garden trees, and also mineral and organic fertilizers for cultivation of plants, or biological preparations for pest control. As the shown sculptural images and wood shapes associate with forest birds who are natural defenders of trees and enemies of plant wreckers.

In collections and art galleries of animalistic artworks, and also in collections of unique subjects of fine arts, as the shown sculptural images of birds are unique natural shapes which were formed in roots of forest fur-trees as a result of original growth of wood structures.

In pavilions of bird markets and show-windows or storefronts of pet-shops where you can buy singing canaries either speaking parrots, or different kinds of decorative and exotic birds. In offices of ornithologists of zoological gardens and zoos, and also bird sanctuaries or preserves. In interiors of veterinary clinics and hospitals for animals where veterinarians treat thoroughbred or purebred dogs and cats, or offer veterinary services for exotic pets.

In the sales areas or trading halls and show-windows of flower shops where you can buy potted and house plants, or it is possible to buy bouquets of real flowers, and also to order gift bouquets for weddings and female holidays or women's events. In the offices of flower design companies where floral artists and florists create compositions of real flowers, and also decorate weddings and other solemn actions or celebrations. Because natural shapes and artistic images of the shown forest sculptures create impressions and mental associations with original beauty of real plants and natural charm of the nature.


In rest rooms or lounges of industrial corporations and enterprises, in offices of banks and financial companies, in office buildings of chemical and metallurgical combines or steel plants, in office premises of oil concerns and automobile factories or car manufacturers for creation of impressions and mental associations which are reminiscent of the original beauty of nature.

In office rooms and trading halls or sales areas of industrial companies where it is possible to buy solar panels or batteries and windmills or wind power stations to generate ecological clean electricity. And also in offices of innovative companies and scientific research institutes which make energy-saving technologies, as natural wood shapes of the shown roots of fur-trees may symbolize care or respect for the environment and ecology of human life.

Instead of bronze and iron birds into official rooms of government state ministries of wildlife management or conservation and environmental protection. And also in offices of Green parties and social environmental or public ecological movements which protect nature and safeguard ecology.
In laboratories of sanitary-ecological firms and environmental companies where it is possible to order ecological examination or environmental review of biological factors which affect the health and living conditions of people.

In interiors of art galleries and private collections which contains pictures of forest landscapes. In art expositions and galleries which contains pictures of dry straw and wood mosaics, paintings of dried herbs or grasses or flower petals, and also other floral items of floristic art.

In trading halls or sales areas and show-windows of souvenir shops where it is possible to buy costume jewellery and fashion jewelry ornaments of natural materials, and in particular with original wood of exotic trees and tropical bushes or shrubs.

In administrative office buildings of forest reserves and tree nurseries, and including in museums and lay-out exhibitions of scientific research institutes of forestry where natural exhibits are collected, and also samples of woods and herbariums of plants or flowers herbaria.

In offices of forestry farms and wood-processing companies which use timber facilities for natural resources of forests and raw wood materials for manufacture of wooden products and nature goods.

For interior design of shops and commercial companies where it is possible to buy clothes made of natural flax or hemp fabrics, and also ecological clothing and environmental textile goods of other types of natural fabrics.

In interiors of suburban country hotels and holyday houses, and also forest resorts and tourist centers where the shown sculptures of tree roots can symbolize healing and oxygen-rich air of woods. Especially in the event that growing forest spruce fur-trees are near to country hotels and houses.

In office buildings of civil engineering firms and construction companies which build ecological houses of environmental friendly building materials, and including build rural houses or rustic homes of natural wood.

In interiors of rest houses or holiday homes and drawing rooms of hunting clubs where hunters gather for ducks and wild birds. And also in halls of game hunting restaurants where they cook culinary dishes with meat of natural fowls, or with real wild mushrooms and berries.

In offices of furniture firms and companies which make a real wood furniture designs or furnishing samples made of valuable breeds of precious trees, and including carving furnishings with incrustations by precious types of wood. In trade pavilions and showrooms of furniture shops where it is possible to buy natural wooden tables and chairs, or samples of furniture suites made of fumed oak and curly birch, or willow wicker armchairs out of twigs. And also in interiors of luxury furnished apartments with furnishing of natural and precious wood.

In show rooms of toy factories where it is possible to buy fur-tree toys or Christmas decorations and other accessories to celebrate the New Year, including artificial Christmas trees. As the shown sculptures of birds are made of roots of forest fur-trees, and accordingly may be indirect symbols of Christmas decoration and artificial fur-trees for New Year celebration.


In interiors of fur shops and studios where it is possible to buy or sew winter hats and furry coats of natural fur-bearing animals, because conifer spruces are named as fur or fir trees in English language, namely needles of spruce forests associate with furs of furry animals.
Or fur-trees associate with feathers of fairy birds which the shown sculptures in this online gallery are.
And fir-trees associate with interior design at offices of any firms.

These destinations of forest sculptures do not exhaust all possible options.
Actually sculptural birds of this online gallery as images of ecology and environmental nature, and also as natural images of original wood trees can have applicability in very different commercial and art spheres of human life.
For more information about destination of forest sculptures refer directly to pages showing photos of sculptural images in this art gallery.
If any destination of the featured forest sculptures coincide with your commercial and aesthetic interest, you can make a purchase.
Sculptures in gallery are exposed for sale.