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Gallery of forest sculptures.

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The capacities of images are 20-50 Kb.

The heights of sculptures and also sizes of wall sculptural shapes are specified approximately.

Each sculpture in gallery is shown in different perspectives, namely photos show sculptural shapes from various sides, that allows to view valid three-dimensional outlines.
And also texts in gallery specify wood materials and sorts of trees which are used in the shown sculptures.
Bases of sculptures and bodies of wood birds in some cases are shapes of different sorts of trees.


The gallery also results additional information on vital phenomena of world around and processes of social life, namely on impressions and mental associations which are connected with various aspects of human ability and can be designated by the shown sculptural images.
For example, the shown forest sculptures can designate ecology of the nature.
Or house style of industrial manufacturers of ecological foodstuffs and children toys.
Or trade style of producers and manufacturers of natural wooden furniture.
Or proprietary label of landscape designers and gardeners.
Or sculptures of wooden birds can decorate halls of forest sanatoriums and country hotels.
Or trade style of producers and manufacturers of eco cosmetics and perfumery.
Or sculptures of this gallery can decorate show windows of sellers of eco building materials and builders of ecological houses.
And also texts in the gallery specify many other spheres of human ability and aspects of commercial interests which can be designated by means of the shown sculptural forms.

I hope that the shown photos in gallery of sculptures, and differently to tell natural images of the nature and flora will be interesting to your attention and aesthetic perception.

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