forest trees

forest shapes in gallery wood sculptures of trees natural materials for sculptures furniture of precious trees

rare grade of plants as unique objects in the nature

Bird cherry tree outgrowths.
Natural wood in gallery of forest sculptures.

Ansatze des Birkenbaumes.
Excroissances immenses de l'arbre du putiet.

You can buy the shown outgrowths or otherwise natural swelling shapes of a bird cherry tree.
Cost is fifty euro for everyone in Moscow.
Ask detail commercial information by e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru.

outgrowths or natural shapes of a bird cherry tree in Moscow bird cherry tree as raw materials for art works or sculptures of natural wood

Geometrical sizes of two bird cherry tree outgrowths in photos are 60 centimeters at length and width.
Objects in photos lay on a floor on Persian carpet.


The shown bird cherry tree outgrowths or swelling shapes are half-finished products or raw material for creation and manufacture of art works or sculptures of natural wood.
Outgrowths or swelling shapes are natural formations on trunks of trees. Various types of outgrowths can be found on trunks of birches and pines, or oaks and poplars, and also wood swelling shapes occur on bird cherry trees.
The shown wood outgrowths have been found in forest twenty years ago on the old bird cherry tree which has been tumbled down by a gale-force wind, namely the savage plant has not suffered by human hands, but has lost a life as a result of natural or otherwise to tell spontaneous processes.
Twenty years these bird cherry tree outgrowths were stored in the dry shed, but now the shed should be sold, and now they lay at home under a table.
There can be in the future I shall have an opportunity to process these bird cherry tree outgrowths and to make beautiful wooden vases and bowls or other art works, but I with pleasure shall give them in hands of good master who can estimate their cost. Namely I shall give these wood swelling shapes to a craftsman who understands art value and uniqueness of this natural forest material.
The texture of bird-cherry wood has very beautiful drawing patterns and attractive color shades, and consequently the shown tree outgrowths can be a source remarkable wooden vases and bowl cups or other art works and products which will be looked very well in country houses or rural cottages, in halls of restaurants and rooms of hotels, or in luxury city apartments and town lodgings. Namely the shown half-finished raw material in the future can be realized in beautiful art works of wooden products which can decorate interiors of various dwelling spaces or living quarters, or can be design scenery of different public premises or private residences.
Bird cherry trees are a grade of fruiters which have tasty sweet-bitter berries with firm stones inside, and also bird-cherry wood is very dense and heavy as well as stone, and consequently vases and bowls or other wooden products will have significant weight and density, that is highly appreciated in sculptural art works.
Vases or bowl cups of the shown outgrowths of forest bird cherry will be well looked and have harmonious combination with furniture of natural dark wood, and in particular with tables and chairs of firm and valuable breeds of precious trees which have dark wooden basis. As core structures of bird cherry trees too are dark, and also have very beautiful textural patterns which are formed by annual rings that can be combined with furniture texture of walnut or beech wood.
Or vases of these forest outgrowths or swelling shapes can be combined with furniture of curly birch which has light textures of wooden patterns, as dark core of bird cherry trees is surrounded by more light wood layers.
Bird cherry trees are rare grade of plants, and natural outgrowths or swelling shapes on their trunks are unique objects which seldom occur in the nature, and consequently the shown half-finished raw material are not ordinary wood for sculptural creation of art works.
I think that it will be interesting for craftsmen to try this natural material and type of wood in forest sculptures or other art works.
Vases or bowl cups and other products of tree outgrowths or swelling shapes are considered as forest sculptures, because art basis are natural wood materials. But actually art works are sculptures if they are images of birds or animals, or other animate objects, and vases or bowls are necessary for considering as subject sculptural forms. But basis of art works in any case are natural materials and wood shapes which have arisen without participation of people as a result of spontaneous growth of forest trees.
Now I cannot use shown bird cherry tree outgrowths as processing of greater volumes of wood in living apartments is impossible process, but I bring this  half-finished raw natural material for your attention.